Security You Can Depend On

with Freealty ShowingTime Solution

Master Lock Bluetooth Realtor Lockbox

ShowingTime verifies agent identities, confirms showings with seller via phone, text, and/or email, then generates one time access codes that are only valid during the confirmed showing window. This is more secure than Realtor lockboxes that can be accessed at anytime by anyone with a Realtor key.

A masterlock
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Professional Service
Experienced and courteous appointment specialists representing the sale of your home.
A women wearing a headset answering calls
24/7/365 Coverage
Live appointment specialists answering your showing requests around the clock.
A graphic of a clock and blue outlines of people in front of it
Quick Confirmations
Calls answered in 10 seconds or less with requests often confirmed within 15 minutes.
A phone, computer and tablet
Mobile Services
Allows you to easily confirm, decline, or reschedule showings based on preferences that work best for you.
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Automatic Feedback
Listing feedback is automatically requested after the buyer’s agent is finished with each showing
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Tracking & Reporting
Sellers get custom reports on all listing activity, including feedback from agents and potential buyers

FAQs & Tips

Who is ShowingTime?
ShowingTime is the leading showing management &feedback service provider in the real estate industry.With 24/7 availability, agents, and sellers can receive optimal service any time of the year.
As a seller, what do I need to do?
Your agent and our staff will take care of bringing buyers to your home. All you need to do is prepare your home for showings!
Will I be notified when a showing is scheduled?
Yes, you can receive emails, phone calls, and/or text messages depending on your appointment preferences.
What happens if I am running late or need to cancel?
You can call the ShowingTime Appointment Center 864-679-7625 to let them know. You can also letyour agent know if there are alternate plans.
What do the appointment types mean?
Appointment Required - a confirmation must be obtained before the showing may occur.
Courtesy Call - an appointment is automatically approved, but a call is placed to notify the owner/occupant.
Go & Show - no approval is required and the request can be immediately confirmed.
Check you messages.
Be sure to continually check your phone or email for any notifications and respond as soon as possible. Delayed or missed responses could mean missed showings.
Have your home ready to show at anytime.
It’s tough to keep your home tidy every moment, but the practice of preparing for showings will result in a higher likelihood of an offer.
Provide one or two primary phone numbers where you can be reached.
While you may use your cell phone as your primary means of contact, provide an alternate phone number such as a home or work number as backup to ensure confirmation of showings.
Stay updated on your home.
You will have access to your listing information at anytime from anywhere, letting you know the date & time of future & past appointments as well as valuable feedback from agents who have recently shown your home.
Install the Mobile App.
You can set your contact preferences, keep track of upcoming showings, and access your feedback when you need. You can also reach out to your agent with any particular questions.
For more information visit the ShowingTime official website.