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Your home is listed in your local MLS. Our listings are full service, we handle everything. Your personal Freealty Realtor will be there for you 24/7.

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Our only goal is to sell your home and our Five Star reviews prove it. Cancel Anytime, No Hidden Fees, No Obligations - We’re here to help you, not hold you hostage for a commission.

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We are the first and ONLY full service real estate company offering award winning real estate, lending, escrow, and insurance services under one roof for FREE!.

FREEALTY is the most flexible and affordable way to sell, rent, or purchase a home.

FREEALTY Traditional Agents Redfin Discount Agents HomeBay Purple Bricks FBSO Sites REX Zillow
Listing Agent Fee $0 3% 1% and up 1% and up $2,000 and up $3,600 and up $50-$5,000 Agent Fee 2% No agents or contracts
Buyer Agent Fee No Minimum 3% 2.5% 2.5% 2.5% + Platform Fee 2.5% 2.5% NO MLS NO MLS
Cancellation Anytime Up to 1 year contract Up to 1 year contract Up to 1 year contract Up to 1 year contract Up to 1 year contract Up to 1 year contract Up to 1 year contract No agents or contracts
MLS Listing X X X
Personal Realtor X X X X
Yard Sign with Toll Free 888 Number X X ? X X X
24/7 Customer Service X X X X X X X X
Electronic Realtor Lockbox ? X ? X ? X ? X
Schedule Showings ? ? ? X ? X
Professional Photos ? ? ? X X
Negotiate Contracts X X X X
Ensure legal and disclosure requirements are met X X ? X
Premium Internet Marketing X X ? ? X X X
Licensed to Qualify Buyer Financing X X X X X X X X
Licensed to provide Insurance Services X X X X X X X X
Licensed Escrow Company X X X X X X X X
One Company for every aspect of real estate X X X X X X X X
Required Cost to sell $600,000 FREE! $36,000+ $21,000+ $21,000+ $20,000+ $18,600+ $15,000+ $12,000+ Varies

*Sellers can choose to offer buyer’s agents any commission amount they wish. Freealty recommends offering at least 2.5% or more commission to buyer’s agents for best results but you are free to choose any dollar or percentage amount you like, even $0! There is NEVER any listing fee or commission with Freealty.

Free Market Snapshot

We utilize a real-time MLS connection enhanced with community and school data to deliver the most comprehensive real estate report available. Whether you’re a home owner wanting to stay on top of the local real estate market or a buyer looking for an edge in your home search - our FREE Market Snapshot is the best source for Instant Home Values & Neighborhood Information.